4Days Stories


matt ray1Matt Ray, Pastor at Kalamazoo First: 

We take our students to 4Days because the passion of Courage Church is contagious! Pastor Jacob and Dawn and their team equips our students for ministry, gives practical opportunity to serve in the heart of Detroit and invests their years of experience into the lives of our students. Our students leave 4Days with a heart for Detroit and a heart for Kalamazoo. Our students think they’re going to serve and give, but after 4 days they realize, it did so much more for our them, then what we did for Detroit. Our students truly experience life-change at 4Days.

lehneyLehney, age 16, Wyandotte, MI:

While my ministry group was putting on VBS in the park we each had a carnival game to run, and were trying to connect with the kids as much as possible as they played. The kids were all over the place trying to win the games so they could get candy. A girl named Heaven kept coming back to my game, so we talked a lot and I felt especially close to her. During the organized time when we gathered everyone to come sit down for songs and a presentation of the gospel, she sat by me and we were dancing to the silly worship songs together. At the end of the trip when the big rally was over, my mom and dad came to join up with our group for the evening. I saw Heaven and pointed her out to my mom and told her how much we bonded and how I’m truly going to miss her. Then Heaven turned around and I could see that she was wearing the backpack that I donated! Out of the 200 plus backpacks there, she ended up with the one that I brought. I know that God was at work because earlier in the week, as I packed school supplies into the backpack, I included a letter that I addressed “to my new friend!” I didn’t realize then that the backpack would literally go to my new friend. I don’t think that was a coincidence, it was definitely a God thing.


Johnny Kessler, Spyn Student Ministries, Mount Hope Church, Lansing, MI:

“Why I’m taking my students to 4Days?”  Why not?! A missions trip/camp/retreat/conference ALL in 4Days!!! Who would want to miss out on such an epic trip during their summer? Not this guy! Seriously though, 4Days is life changing. I’m stoked that our //spyn students will have the privilege of coming back this year! I know we will experience God on another level personally, enjoy anointed worship and teaching, create amazing friendships and memories that last a lifetime, and impact eternity through our love for the people of Detroit.

ronniebuntonRonnie Bunton, Student Ministries Director at Southgate Church, South Bend, Indiana:

As a youth pastor there are numerous activities that we can be involved in. We have chosen to put our time and investment into the 4 DAYS conference because our students are engaged in tangible teaching and hands on serving. This ultimately leads to real relationship and transformation. 4DAYS was a catalyst for our student ministry to serve and love our local community in a fresh new way. 4DAYS is not just another 4 day conference. 4DAYS is a realistic approach to hands on ministry that translates to your local area!

Sarah Mclain (Midsarah mclainedle school teacher and youth leader for over 15 years):

Our entire group of teenagers and young adults had an extraordinary encounter with God while participating in 4days Detroit! The top notch worship leaders and speakers made it an intense discipleship experience, and the service projects and hands on ministry in Detroit made it an unforgettable experience stepping out in faith and putting our ideas into action. It was the perfect mix of getting filled up with God’s word and His presence, then immediately pouring out God’s love to the city of Detroit. Our whole church got behind this mission by donating bikes and backpacks filled with school supplies to be donated to the people in Mexican Town. I’m looking forward to taking part again next year!